About Us
F.D. INVEST is a company founded by Francesco Di Fiore, an entrepreneur who has matured approximately 20 years of management experience with companies operating in various professional fields, in Italy and abroad.
Throughout the years, this professional has participated in the start- up and launching of companies such as financing, real estate, industrial, service, commercial and even a bank, in wich he plays an important role.

  Mr. Di Fiore has successfully led and consulted various companies in hardship, enabling them to reach their targets and run efficiently. He has also been involved with the development of business activities, research of new partners, and sales of unquoted business shares.

Based on these experiences, F.D. INVEST is not just a housing company but also an establishment which can orientate and nourish business ideas into thriving companies or expand horizons for already existing companies but in which are in need of an institution that can furnish capital and managerial resources.

  F.D. INVEST is an IBAN (Italian Business Angels) partner and accredited through LAZIO INNOVA S.p.A. (Financial Institution of development owned by Regione Lazio) for its participation in businesses as co-investor and has developed important ties with operators in the sector, credit institutions, business associations, business consultants, accountants, business lawyers, and both Italian and non Italian embassies and Houses of Commerce.